KFS 358 is the ultimate in welded mesh security fencing, providing a high degree of security for physical perimeter protection, whilst maintaining a discreet visual impact
on the surrounding environment.

The panels are manufactured in a mesh pattern of 76.2mm x 12.7mm, using a 4mm diameter vertical wire. The horizontal wires are resistance welded at each intersection. The construction of the panel
ensures that it is formidable in both strength and performance.

Qualities include:

  • Prevents goods from being passed through the fence line from secure facilities

  • Extremely strong design with high attack resistance

  • Difficult to cut, climb or attack and features a secure vandal resistant fixing to post strap.

  • Protection of high risk security premises and assets

  • Ultimate security fence with the option of adding electric security fencing and PIDS systems.

KFS 358 has the unique ability to offer a meshing fencing panel up to 5.2m in height. The product is widely specified by prisons and military establishments, strategically important sites and sensitive infrastructure sites such as Water treatment plants. KFS 358 is ideally suited to these secure types of application, as the mesh panels are extremely difficult to climb or penetrate; the small mesh aperture is also effectively finger-proof and is difficult to attack using conventional hand tools.

Another key attribute of KFS 358 is its resistance to burrowing: for high security areas a concrete sill can be specified to deter attempts to burrow or dig under the secure fence line.

KFS 358 can be provided with galvanised finish or polyester powder coated to standard RAL