Motorway Fencing

We have erected miles of highway fencing for major infrastructure project across the province using a wide range of strained wire systems and timber fencing.

We have a rigorous ISO9001 quality management system in place to ensure every fence is erected to the highest standards. We proudly hold National Highway Sector Scheme accreditation for sector 2a - the only contractor in Northern Ireland to do so.


Environmental Noise Barriers

With today’s rapid growth in transport networks, the need for environmental caution and steps towards ‘greener’ business operations have never been more relevant. Noise pollution is prominent in the industry sector now more than ever, and can be extremely harmful to people and animals in contact with it.

Kane Fencing offer an environmentally sound fencing solution when combating noise pollution in the form of their ‘Environmental Noise Barriers’.

Our quality management system ensures our environmental noise barriers are manufactured and installed to the highest standards. We are accredited with sector 2C from the national highway sector scheme for the manufacture and installation of Environmental noise barriers.

Environmental Noise Barriers are a form of acoustic fencing, installed adjacent to the premises or roads that they are in place to protect. Railways, airports, docks, sports pitches typically avail of this fencing system due to the high levels of noise generated.

Kane Fencing can provide and implement the necessary acoustic fencing to suit the client’s circumstances and needs. There is a full range of environmental noise barriers available, including absorptive and reflective systems with the option of timber, aluminium and acrylic.

Here at Kane Fencing we aim to deliver the most proficient and solid fencing solution, whilst subsequently being as cost-effective as possible.

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