Spectator Rail

Qualities: Kane Fencing can now offer this extremely versatile product, and can be applied to a wide range of places. This particular type of fencing is ideal for creating divides and separations between pedestrians and areas of medium importance or of low-risk and danger. They are ideal for providing a form of railing for spectators attending sports events, its high aesthetics make it perfect for this circumstance.

Installation is fast and simple. The spectator rail fencing package as a whole can be implemented in this manner, again due to the versatility of the product. It can deal with gradients and slopes easily by using a stepping or raked fence panel. Reducing costs is of high priority to Kane Fencing, and it is done so when erecting this fencing due to the independent panel mounting feature i.e. each section being mount to their own set of posts.

Dimensions & Specifications: Generally the spectator rail supplied by Kane Fencing came as standardised 1.2m fencing panels, and is clad with double wire panels using twin 6mm horizontal wires and 5mm vertical wires.


·         Sports pitches

·         Parks

·         Flower beds

·         Public gardens

·         Permanent and temporary uses

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