KFS Palisade

The palisade fencing range offered at Kane Fencing Systems is a multi-purpose, long-lasting security fencing option.


Qualities: KFS 3M panel fencing is versatile due to its high level of mobility. The high density of the galvanised steel used; possesses a great strength to weight ratio, the solidity of the structure when comprised is of the highest standard, making it very ergonomically sound and impervious to wind and adverse weather conditions in general. Rigidity and structure strength is advanced further through the ‘V’ Beam outline pressed horizontally onto the mesh panels.

Efficiency is prioritised when you work with KFS 3M. Erection time is reduced significantly due to the easy-to-use and workable features of the product.

Kane Fencing offers contemporary aesthetics and a long lasting, protective finish with all KFS 3M fencing coming with a galvanised substrate and polyester powder coating. They can also be specified in a wide range of industry standard RAL colours.


Dimensions & Specifications: KFS 3M panel fencing constitutes 5mm galvanised steel rods serried vertically and horizontally, welded at various points forming a 200mm x 50mm mesh pattern. The panels come in a variety of sizes including heights of; 1.23m, 1.73m, 2.03m or 2.43m. Further height can be added using the multi-lift principle.

KFS 3M fencing panels are produced with one side having a barbed end of 30mm, and the other with a flat finished surface. The barbed end acts as an effective method for negating any form of climbing or merging the fence. 3M panels come in 3m lengths, accompanied by 60x60 SHS posts that are set at 3.025m nominal centres. All posts are supplied with threaded inserts, accompanied with plastic cap and steel fixing brackets to allow the panels a firm and secure fasten to the posts.


Usage: Applications for the KFS 3M fencing include retail & business parks, schools, colleges, universities and wildlife parks.

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Download specifications for this product here.