KFS 358 (High Security)

Qualities: This unique, closely-welded mesh pattern sets KFS 358 at the forefront of all high security fencing systems. KFS 358 perfectly finds the balance between providing the highest tier security level and having minimal visual and landscape impacts on the surrounding area. This particular fencing structure means that it is untouchable in terms of strength and overall lifespan, whilst fitting its purpose to the fullest potential by rendering itself climb-proof, highly attack-resistant and being almost totally impenetrable to hands and objects passed through. 

The potential risk of underground burrowing is eliminated with the options of either including a concrete sill beneath the fence or an extension to the panel of 300mm. Other possible additions available include; brackets or tape, to further support the barbed wire at the top of the fencing panel.

Dimensions & Specifications: The mesh pattern that the KFS 358 fencing takes uses a 4mm diameter wire, and is set out 76.2mm by 12.7mm. The 5.2m height option makes this fencing of immense interest to places of intense surveillance and security.

Usage: Prison and Military establishments. Areas of protection by authorities; cash transfer centres, data centres (Facebook, Google premises), Power/Utility stations, Vehicle compounds.

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Download specifications for this product here