KFS 3M Fencing

KFS 3M is the market leader in perimeter fencing around low risk locations such as;  schools, factories and waste water treatment works.

Palisade Kane Fencing

KFS Palisade Fencing

Our KFS Palisade fencing range is designed to provide a formidable barrier and a significant deterrent, with a range of options available.

Ball Court Kane Fencing

KFS Sports Fencing

Our KFS sports fencing provides a safe and robust perimeter in sports ground settings. It comprises of 868 twin wire panels to offer a high degree of rigidity and resistance to impact. We can also incorporate additional rebound sections for extra security. This particular fence can be erected up to 6 meters high to provide maximum security and safety. Our spectator rail fence compliments this product to offer a spectator barrier next to the playing areas. Typical applications include: multi-use games areas, football pitches, playgrounds and tennis courts.


KFS Spectator Rail

KFS Spectator Rail is ideal for creating divides and separations between pedestrians in areas of low-risk and danger.


KFS Automated Gates

We offer a wide range of gates to suit all fence/railing types. These are: manual gates of any size, automatic gates, cantilevered gates, sliding gates and automated swing gates. All of our KFS automatic gates are fully compliant with the latest regulations and are all manufactured in house by our skilled team.

Railings Kane Fencing

KFS Railings

Our workshop can manufacture bespoke railings and to satisfy the customers requirements. Typical uses for our railings include; surrounds for housing developments, children’s play areas, car park perimeters amongst others.


KFS Motorway Fencing

We have erected miles of KFS motorway fencing for major infrastructure projects across the province using a wide range of strained wire systems and timber fencing.

Deco Kane Fencing

KFS Deco Fencing

KFS Deco, otherwise known as ‘V’ mesh fencing, is another well-known and widely used form of fencing system. It is the perfect choice for prestigious locations, as it offers the capacity to maintain a high level of security without appearing intimidating. Its sophisticated look is particularly suited for the protection of architect-designed buildings and upmarket residential properties.


KFS High Security Fencing (358)

This high security fencing (sometimes referred to as prison mesh or 358 mesh) is used in areas where a visual deterrent is a primary consideration or when the application specifically demands a heavy duty security mesh. This climb resistant mesh has small apertures and welds at each intersection to eliminate foot and finger holds, prevent objects being passed through and is particularly effective against the use of conventional hand cutting tools.


KFS 868 Fencing

KFS 868 fencing offers a unique welded mesh fencing option. Through the bespoke mesh pattern the 868 provides an elegant, high utility item-set. It is a suitable fencing solution to those requiring a higher level security, whilst keeping a distinct positive visual presence.


KFS Catch Nets

We have a range of engineer-designed ball stop catch nets to suit all sports, such as Gaelic Football, Soccer, Hurling, Rugby and Golf. These can be strut-supported or fully independent.

Acoustic Kane Fencing

KFS Acoustic Fencing

KFS Acoustic Fencing offers an environmentally sound fencing solution when combating noise pollution in the form of their ‘Environmental Noise Barriers.’